Schoolhouse Chic


Lately I’ve been very drawn to antiques (and reproduction antiques), especially wood and metal furnishings as well as black and white design with a vintage/industrial vibe. Ok, well I probably have never really gotten away from this preference. No matter how many brightly colored, modern things I admire, I think I will always be drawn to this style most. There are so many new things you can find now that typify this ‘modern antique’ look that I decided to put together a little inspiration board for myself. In fact, I’m feeling like rearranging my house just thinking about it.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Check back in next week for more projects.

Inspired to Make This

Here are a few pretty things I have been admiring. But sometimes instead of immediately thinking of buying something, I decide to see if I can actually just make something similar. First of all, it would be cheaper (in many cases) but also, why not try to make things hard on myself, right? Anyway, I thought these were good ideas to be inspired by…things to try making, or things that give me an idea I want to try.

Inspired to Make

Sources: 01. A bright button-y necklace 02. A storage basket on casters 03. Cute ‘lolly stick’ dolls with washi tape 04. Prints within a shape/place 05. A colorful and simple felt garland