Envelope Pillow Cover

Pillow Makeover

Here’s a little pillow makeover I did recently. It’s a very simple sewing project for people like me, who have well, “modest” sewing skills. I basically just made a new pillow cover to slip on over an old pillow using the envelope pillow cover technique. An envelope pillowcase is just one big rectangle of fabric that folds over on itself (like an envelope) with an open slit in the back. This way you can remove it to wash or change it whenever you want. Nothing fancy.

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Organizing: A Treasure Bowl

As the mother of a four year old boy, I am—like many others—constantly dealing with clutter, toys and little found bits and pieces lying around the house. Leaves, rocks, shells, acorns and other natural finds are brought in from outings and walks and deposited here and there in the house. Many people would probably throw them out at the end of the day, but I am a sentimental person, and I don’t want to just throw all of his ‘finds’ out.

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DIY Cat Scratching Post

We here have a serious need for cat scratching posts of some kind or another in our home. Having two sweet indoor-only kitties—both of which still retain all of their claws—our furniture has suffered greatly. I don’t have a perfect solution, so I at least try to provide some kind of well positioned cat scratcher in the house to take the brunt of the scratching.

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