Small Home Updates: Sunporch


Over the past few weeks we’ve been doing a little bit of work to our add-on sunporch. In the ten years we’ve had our home, we hadn’t done much to it, not even painted. I finally decided to simply use some of the leftover exterior paint that we used to repaint our house last fall. This way I spent $0 on paint, and the porch blends in with the outside of the house.

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Thoughts on Simplifying


Although this site is a place I created to share ideas for crafts, DIY projects, design (and even a few mood boards) I have also been thinking about the idea of simplifying my home by way of reducing clutter and excess material ‘stuff’ that is taking up not only physical space but also time and energy to deal with. I’m looking for ways to balance the still-important-to-us creative process of craft projects, hobbies and small DIY-ventures with a simple, organized home life. Because a peaceful and well functioning home (and family) is more important to me than all the stuff I could make or buy or design.

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