House Tour: My Son’s Room

House: Boy's Room

This is our four year old son’s room. It’s pretty small—there’s not a lot of extra space for playing—so we keep most of the toys in other rooms, but it holds all his books and a reading chair, so it’s his little ‘quiet place’. It’s definitely the most colorful room in our house. Little bits of color have crept into all our rooms now… which I think is a good thing.

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My Living Room

Living Room

Here is our small but cozy living room. We, like many others with ranch houses, basically have an entrance straight into our living room, but arranging the sofa with it’s back to our door created a small ‘entrance’ area of sorts, and allows for foot traffic to flow from the door to the hallway into the kitchen without going into the little seating area. A set of narrow bookshelves backs the wall behind the sofa.

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