Organizing for School: Binders


Although school has already started, its not too late to get together an organizing system for keeping track of all those papers that come home with your kids. As parents of a Kindergartener, we are subject to many, many papers and drawings coming in, and I wanted a central location to keep them. (Yes, I am keeping all of my son’s work!)

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Printable Medicine Chart

Medicine Chart

Just a quick project today because we’ve had a bit of sickness in the house… Since I’ve spent the last few days with a little person who has a cough and cold, I’ve been trying to find a better way to keep track of what medicines are given and when. If there are more than one or two doses a day, I usually write a list, but this time I’ve created a simple little chart ‘background’ to hang on the fridge that makes use of sticky notes in order to help things organized. Hopefully we won’t need it in a few days, but until then…

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Organizing for Kids Part 1

Organizing for Kids

With cooler days there are lots more craft projects, coloring books and little games around our house. My son loves to cut, paste and tape things together. We have many, many supplies to keep him going. He also seems to have dozens of little games with small pieces and parts that can get everywhere. It’s a wonder I can keep any of it put away, but I do try to keep things organized. We try to have a place for everything. Eventually, things do get put back into their place.

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Printable Shopping Lists

Do you have a great system for organized grocery shopping? I’ve really just begun to get more organized about shopping in the last year. One thing that’s helped me has been making a thorough list before I go — especially if I need more than just a few items… and I organize the list by section. It seems obvious, but it’s easy to overlook this step.

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Magnetic Chalkboard

This is a project I did last fall. I found a large bulletin board in a thrift store for $15 and decided it was the right size to turn into a magnetic chalkboard for my kitchen. I wanted a chalkboard because I like how they look, but the idea of being able to hang my son’s drawings and paintings on it was even better, so we’d have a central location for everything right in the kitchen. I really like things that do double duty like that.

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