Please Excuse our Mess….


Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but our household has had a whirlwind month and a half of house showing/selling/buying and we are currently in the middle of the somewhat unpleasant process of moving the contents of our home into storage prior to a complete move next month.

It’s a little bit difficult to work on extra creative projects during this time, so unfortunately these are on hold for a bit. But I’m looking forward to being settled soon and having a whole new environment to organize and craft in.

Please check back in the coming weeks to see updates!

Organizing for School: Binders


Although school has already started, its not too late to get together an organizing system for keeping track of all those papers that come home with your kids. As parents of a Kindergartener, we are subject to many, many papers and drawings coming in, and I wanted a central location to keep them. (Yes, I am keeping all of my son’s work!)

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Art Therapy


There has been a little flurry of activity here in the last few weeks, but unfortunately it hasn’t yielded a lot of blog / craft projects. We have decided to put our house up for sale. This means a lot of little touch up/clean up projects around my house and a lack of posts and new projects getting started!

But that doesn’t mean I don’t feel like working on something. I just don’t have much to show for it…

I took a bit of quiet time out this week to play with drawing and painting materials—something close to me that I haven’t personally done in a long, long time.

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I’m still here…and I got published!


To everyone who visits my site, I apologize for the lack of posts lately. We’ve been adjusting to a new schedule as a family (my son has started Kindergarten), and I haven’t been able to give as much focus to projects in the last two weeks, but I have plans to get back into the swing of things. This little site has actually made it a year now, and I am excited for what I might do with it next and grateful for the support and interest I have gotten so far.

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