I’m excited to offer a variety of affordable advertising options here on Real Purdy. I’m especially interested in promoting small to medium sized businesses that relate to the context and content here on the site. Ads of special interest include Etsy shops, crafters, artists, diy-ers, home decor & organization products/blogs and children’s products.

Below is my pricing structure for ad spots on the site. The process is simple—just click “Apply for Ad Spot”, or choose “Request Free Ad Swap” next to the ad size of your choice. You’ll then upload your image (with the correct dimensions) and link. (You can see examples of all three ad sizes on my sidebar now).

All ads will be reviewed to determine whether they are an appropriate match for the site, and if approved, your ad will run for 30 days from approval date. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding ads.

As a designer, I also offer ad design for a small fee, so let me know if you need help designing your ad.