Organizing for School: Binders


Although school has already started, its not too late to get together an organizing system for keeping track of all those papers that come home with your kids. As parents of a Kindergartener, we are subject to many, many papers and drawings coming in, and I wanted a central location to keep them. (Yes, I am keeping all of my son’s work!)


I set up the pretty obvious solution of a large 3-ring binder with clear sleeves (some files just get holes punched) to keep both important school policy papers as well as my son’s drawings and work all in one, easy to access spot.

Thinking I might use a similar system next year, I created a little template with fill in spaces for all the pertinent information on it for each grade. You’re welcome to use these if they would be helpful to you. These represent grades K-5.

Here are examples of the files. (To download, go to the links at the bottom of the post.)


Of course, this system may not pan out for me in the long run, and I realize that I’ll have waaaaaaay more coming in than this little book can handle, but it’s a start. Larger items of course won’t fit ( I have other areas for them). But at least I can cull and sort everything in this folder later and still have a fairly organized way to keep some of my son’s best school work.



These simply print in black and white, and you can cut around the thin grey line to make the whole thing smaller. I just slipped some brightly colored paper behind it for a background.


It’s pretty simple, but so far, this is working great as long as I put things in it right away each evening.


To download individual files, please click the grade you want. (Each PDF is 2.8 MB). I’ve also included labels for the spine of your binder (all grades in one PDF).

Kindergarten PDF
First Grade PDF
Second Grade PDF
Third Grade PDF
Fourth Grade PDF
Fifth Grade PDF
All Grades Spine PDF

*Note: You may notice a slight difference in my photo and your file. I changed the areas about the school and year to be more useful to everyone, but never took a newer picture!


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