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Here’s a totally un-scientific, random, and kind of weird idea (with no guarantees) for those of us *lucky* enough to live with older, slightly scuffed/scratched brown wood trim and wood veneer doors in our homes.

Try rubbing wax foot cream into them!


Well, try at your own risk, anyway. This sounds very gross, and I can’t really say why it happened to begin with, but I happen to have a new, clean container of Heel Tastic Intensive Heel Therapy in the back of the medicine cabinet. I can’t offer any real complaints about the product (although it has a strange smell), but it wasn’t being used.

Anyway, for some reason, after testing a dollop of this chock-full-of-natural-oils stuff on my hand, I decided to rub a tad into an inconspicuous scratch on an old wooden table in my bathroom. Just to see what happened. (I do stuff like that). I was sort of surprised to find that it completely visually erased the mark. When my experiments go like that, I am usually on to find out what ELSE I can rub foot cream into.

And low and behold, I rubbed it all over little scratches in my 1960’s wood veneer doors and, after a bit of buffing with a cloth, found many of the little scratches sort of disappeared. My husband watched me with some degree of interest as I went around rubbing mystery cream into our trim, but he usually doesn’t question this kind of thing.

I have NO idea if this is okay to do to my doors and trim, of course, but I figure it can’t hurt in small test doses.

Here are some results:



Of course, you could simply buy PROPER wood finishing wax at the home store and do this the right way, but I felt it couldn’t hurt to use what I had on hand, as long as it didn’t appear to cause any damage.

So, there’s my weird tip of the day.

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