Sprucing up the Deck Furniture


I’ve taken advantage of some recent sunny days to do some outside chores. One of which was to repaint our deck table and chairs.

After about 2.5 years (the first year included a hailstorm), lots of sun, and a few accidental drips of paint, our metal table and chairs were starting to show some wear and rust spots. But I was pretty sure I could fix this fairly easily.


I gave everything a quick buff with a sanding block and wiped it all down with a dry cloth…


And stuck to black satin spray paint which would closely match the original finish.


Here you can see the results of one coat of black paint on the left as compared to the chair on the right.


I ended up using about 2.5 coats of paint: one can for the chairs, and half a can for the table. I made sure to go back and hit the rust spots really well.


I was pretty pleased with how well these came out. They look almost like new. I love fixing something that was starting to look run down and making it look good again.



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