Easy DIY Kid’s Bag Tags


Make some quick and easy bag tags or name tags using some craft foam, zip ties, shipping labels and this free printable template.

Back to school time is here (in our case, for the first time!), and my label maker was out of tape. Here’s how I made a couple of quick name tags for my son’s lunch bag using what I had around the house. You can download my rather boy-centric template below (sorry, girls) or just make your own.

This works with the same 2″ x 4″ Avery Shipping labels I used here (matches Avery Template 5163).

Download my template by clicking below:


To make these tags I just used:

Craft foam
Printed label
Zip ties
Scissors/Ruler/Hole Punch


Just measure your craft foam to be 2.5″ x 4.5″, a little larger than your label.


Adhere your label to it, punch a hole and secure the tag with a zip tie.



Now to be honest, I am not sure how durable these will actually be, they may only last a day at school..we’ll find out in the next couple of days. But I can easily replace them. I may experiment with clear thin plastic (sewn?) over the label for waterproofing, but of course the labels themselves can be used for other things as well, such as bookplates.

Sorry I only have a black and white template for now. I may add a color version later on.


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