Recycled “Funnies” Bank


Repurpose a cardboard canister into a fun homemade bank with something silly to look at on the side.

We’d been saving this nifty cardboard tea canister to make something out of for a while. I finally decided—since I only had one—that it would make a great little bank for my son to keep his pocket change in. This may be a craft older kids can do (with help from adults where the craft knife is concerned), but since my son is only five, I basically made this FOR him using some of the funnies he cut out. If you’d like to create something similar, here’s what I used:


A clean and sturdy cardboard canister (preferably with a removable lid)
Utility knife* (adults only!)
Funny papers or other paper clippings
Craft brush + Scissors
Mod Podge (matte)

*Note: This is an idea for a craft that is best for older children or adults to make. Only adults should use (and be able to grab) a utility knife! When crafting with your kids, please always be cautious, closely supervise children and do only what is appropriate for you and yours!


I basically just used Mod Podge to adhere the paper images to the can, trying to line them up to the edges and not have to fold anything. Then I applied another thin layer on top to seal everything. After everything was dry, I carefully cut a little slot in the top of the can big enough for a folded dollar and/or change to slip into.



Now to be fair, you can’t really read most of the jokes that are on here anymore, since I layered them, but they make a fun visual anyway. I did leave a few that my son can look at and read later on. This could also be done with all different types of paper. I’m thinking a map version would be fun as well?



Of course, it’s a good idea to teach even little ones the value of saving a little money, and with the removable lid on top, there’s no annoying little piggy bank plug to deal with!


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