Easy Homemade Giant Bubble Wand


Go outside and make a cheap bubble wand for your kids. You probably already have everything you need for this. They will love it.

You will need:

Some string
Two drinking straws
A container to hold your bubble solution


Of course you can also try making your own bubble solution using dish soap and glycerin (look on Pinterest). We tried this, but ended up just using some of our on-hand bubble mix for the best results. (Guess we need to work on our recipe).

Just thread some string through two drinking straws and make a largish loop, but not so big your child couldn’t stretch it out. Knot at the ends and use the straws and the ‘handles’.


You need a small tub full of bubble solution to dip your wand into. Pull through the air and experiment. Not all of the bubbles work, but if you practice, you can get some cool results. We found that if we didn’t mix or foam up our solution we got better results.






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