Organizing the Pantry


Sorry no projects recently, we have been spending lots of time outdoors enjoying spring, and I have also been doing some much needed organizing projects inside. Recently, I spent a little time tidying our pantry and found the solution to some of my problems in a simple roll of shelf liner.

Before: Problems included overcrowding, untidiness and gross, old shelf liner that attracted crumbs and left a sticky residue.


Pulling that off revealed scuffed, worn boards (homemade wooden shelves).


Yucky messy.


The scrubbing was not really fun. Some repainting was involved. Gross, huh?


Meanwhile, two bins of plastic kid’s cups were assessed, and edited….


Donate / give away pile…


Leaving me with a whole new bin.


Even after I scrubbed and lightly repainted the pantry shelves, they had a slightly tacky feeling from the old foam shelf liner. This time, I used a smooth roll of shelf liner I had put away in a back closet (free), covered everything with it and called it a day. Should be easier to clean. I didn’t even stick it down with the adhesive, simply taped it in a few key spots. That way I can replace it without more sticky.


Also, some items on shelves were reorganized and moved down lower to give my now five year old more access to some ‘snack’ foods and things he may reach (within limits). Cans and jars have moved up higher to a less deep shelf to make seeing them easier.





It’s not gorgeous but it’s working better, plus, cleaning out the pantry is just one of those things that needs to be done.

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