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I made these little wooden reward tokens to help our son (and Mom, Dad and Grandma) keep track of some of our treats and privileges during the week. You can use my free printable template to make your own.

Update: You can now also download a blank rewards template and fill in your own rewards.

We thought this might be a good lesson to teach that once our son has had ‘x’ treat for the day, he’ll have to save up or wait for the next one… because it is so easy to give in when they ask for ‘just one more…’. These “rewards” basically cover things such as TV time, Computer Games, and Treats… things that are already monitored around our house and not without limits. But I thought this would give him a visual to keep track of.


I’m still working out exactly how I want to handle this, but I’m thinking that a certain number of tokens might be given at the beginning of each week, and used up or ‘paid’ by depositing the token in a little jar when it is being ‘spent’. At the end of the week, they can be renewed, and of course, they can be confiscated for punishment, if necessary.

Here’s what I used to make these:

Printout of the Rewards Template
1.5″ wooden craft discs (like these)
Craft Paint
Brushes / Scissors
Mod Podge or Glue


To assemble:

1.) Paint the wooden discs, if desired. We are using different colors for different things, but it really doesn’t matter. Let the discs dry thoroughly. Tip: Try painting them on wax paper, it won’t stick to the wet paint as badly as newspaper would.

2.) Print out the Template and cut out the ones you want to use (I tried to create a variety of activities, but you may not use them all). You may cut along the dotted line — it is 1.5″ round, but what I actually did was cut right inside the black line for a bit smaller circle so a bit of the painted edge of my disc would show.


3.) Use Mod Podge or Glue to adhere the cutouts to the discs. I did one side, but I may try a double sided version.. an either/or token. For example: 30 minutes TV time (one side) OR 30 minutes computer game (other side), since I only allow a total of so much screen time a day.

4.) Finished tokens. How many you make is up to you.

Like I’ve said, I’m still not entirely sure how these will function at our home yet, or for how long… it’s an experiment. But I have tried to create a flexible description of activities on them to be of use to others. Let me know if you make them or have suggestions for improvement.



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9 thoughts on “DIY Reward Tokens

  1. LOVE these! So excited to have found your great blog today! Excited to have a look around at your other awesome ideas! Definitley sharing these cute reward tokens with our readers on our Facebook page! Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  2. LOVE these! So excited to find your great blog today – can’t wait to have a look around at your other ideas! We’re definitely sharing these cute reward tokens with our facebook followers – perfect for parents, teachers, and therapists! 🙂

  3. No problem Suzi. If you check the original post again (make sure you refresh your browser so you see the updates) you should see an additional link for a blank template near the top of the post. Hope it works out for you!

      • Thank you so much for adding the blank template!!! I’ve been looking for one 🙂 I have downloaded it and can’t wait to start my project! Is there a way to add my text on the tokens using my computer, or will I need to write each one by hand after printing?

      • Hi Tonya,

        The template is a PDF and meant to simply be printed, but the file can be opened in Adobe Illustrator (which is what I used to create it). If you have experience adding text in that——or another program——you can give it a try, using the PDF as a background layer and saving or printing a new copy with your text on top. Otherwise, you may need to handwrite your labels on. Sorry I can’t really set up an editable version for everyone, but I hope you can find something that works for you.

        Thanks for checking in and best wishes!

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