Small Home Updates: Sunporch


Over the past few weeks we’ve been doing a little bit of work to our add-on sunporch. In the ten years we’ve had our home, we hadn’t done much to it, not even painted. I finally decided to simply use some of the leftover exterior paint that we used to repaint our house last fall. This way I spent $0 on paint, and the porch blends in with the outside of the house.


I love white, but this room gets so much light that it needed a bit of color. The leftover neutral taupe we used to repaint our home with worked well, and actually helps the room’s walls sort of blend in with the outdoors a bit more than the glaring (and scuffed) utility white that we’d lived with for years. Paint: Glidden ‘Arcadia House’.


As our main access to the back yard, and being full of light, this room becomes a depository for many pairs of shoes, garden tools, building projects (that’s a bat house), too many plants and lots of toy clutter. Too much stuff and not enough storage.

My goal was basically to clean it up, control some of the clutter, give it a lick of paint to pull it together somewhat — with basically not much budget. My household projects are done little bits at a time and at a ‘when I can get to it’ basis.


I reused and repainted a sad, rusty shelf from our basement as temporary toy and shoe storage…but I’d like to put something else there later, maybe a small cabinet.



Oh, and we took the opportunity to finally get rid of the 70’s globe light that hung down in the center of the room and install a less obtrusive, much needed ceiling fan.




Our next step will be to add a new door, paint the existing grey trim around the door white and hopefully, keep the clutter under control. There is still a lot to do, but it does feel better! Hopefully we’ll really get some use out of this room in the summer.



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