Glittery Scrap Necklace


I’m afraid spring fever (and a 4 year old boy) have been keeping me outside right now, and making it rather difficult for me to make crafts, but I did find time yesterday to make an interesting little necklace out of some materials I had around the house.

I keep a box of jewelry making items, and from time to time I take a stab at creating something unique for myself. This isn’t a tutorial exactly — no step-by-step — because it uses a vintage piece of ribbon and is therefore one of a kind, but I was looking to make something out of stuff I already had. I basically just created a chain necklace about 18″ around with a centerpiece made of large jump rings hooked together — a simple frame — and then I wove in one one super cool vintage wire and rhinestone scrap I have had for many years.


IMG_9374 copy

I don’t even know where this cool rhinestone mesh ribbon thingie came from, but it is pretty to look at, and it has been sitting in a box for years. I’m going to wear it now. But, aside from that, this could be done with other materials. I was considering using a bright colored braid of cord woven through, or some leather lacing or colored ribbon.

One thing I consider when making a necklace for myself, is to find one I already have that I like the length or weight of, and base mine on that. It takes some of the guesswork out of it. Then, I just experiment with things and take them apart and put them back together until they feel right.





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