Shoe Laces Template


Here’s a free printable template to help guide young ones learning to tie or lace shoe laces. Instructions included.


Click the image above to download the template. To make the cards here’s what you’ll need:

Mod-Podge or School Glue
Thin cardboard
Single hole-punch
Spare shoe laces


Directions are on the printout, although it’s pretty self explanatory. Small kids will need a grown up to help with some of the gluing/cutting and hole punching.

I recommend gluing the printout to some thin cardboard to help make it sturdy. (Little ones practicing knots tend to pull really hard.) Also, taping the whole thing down to a table or work surface makes it way easier to work with.

IMG_9166 copy



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2 thoughts on “Shoe Laces Template

  1. A lot of our students still haven’t yet learned to tie their shoes, and I remembered in kindergarten was when I learned. Granted I don’t do the bunny ears tying but it still works! haha. I’m glad I found this printable to use with our students. Thanks for posting it! I will be laminating them as well as applying the cardboard however.

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