Veggie Bin Makeover


Things have been busy here, so I haven’t had time for some of my bigger projects lately, but I did get to work on a small makeover on a little bin I use to store veggies in. I used a $3 paint sample to give it a different look.

Before: A bin with three flip down doors in white that I keep on my counter and store potatoes, onions (and dishcloths) in. Nice, but kind of plain.


I wanted to find a sophisticated, slightly aged green color for this and future projects, and settled on ‘Rhododendren Leaf’ from Martha Stewart colors mixed in a Glidden base from Home Depot. I’m not sure I would use it on a whole wall, but it is perfect for a small project — a really nice warm green with a touch of blue in it that is not too bright or minty. Although I had a bit of trouble getting a perfect match mixed in the sample paint, I still think the Martha Stewart colors have a complexity not found in some other brands. The Glidden samples had a satin sheen (some are flat) which made this work for a small household project.




It’s not a perfect paint job or a perfect piece, but I love the color and may plan to use it somewhere else. Have you used sample paints for any projects?

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