Simple DIY Bean Shakers


Make some quick and easy shakers for music time (or general noisemaking) using cardboard tubes, paper plates, duct tape, and of course, dried beans!

My son enjoys the little instruments our library has for preschool story-time… tambourines, bells, triangles, a drum, and a bean shaker. He asked if we could make a bean shaker like the one there. We made three different kinds.

*Note: Please keep in mind that this is an idea for a craft that worked for my family but that some of the parts may not be appropriate for all kids — especially smaller children. When making crafts or toys, please always be cautious, closely supervise children and do only what is appropriate for you and yours!

Here’s what we used for #1:

Small paper plate
Handful of dried beans
Duct Tape
Markers, stickers, etc for decorating



I cut my small paper plate in half (although you could simply fold it in half, duh) throw in some beans and staple all around the edges to close it up.


To cover the staples, I applied brightly colored duct tape over the ‘holding’ side.



Let your child have fun coloring and decorating it now.


For shaker #2, we used a paper towel tube.


With beans inside, I pinched each end flat and stapled shut tightly. The I covered the ends with duct tape.


For shaker #3, we tried to make it look like a flower. I used:

2 small paper plates
A stick
Craft foam and paper
Glue (I ended up using hot glue)
Masking Tape


I placed beans in between the two plates and stapled them together all around. (I didn’t cover all the staples with this one because it was a circle, and would have been hard, and also, we had a handle.)

Using cut out shapes we glued on a round center and petals for a “flower” shaker.



And now, let the wild rumpus begin!

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  1. well suited to the older kid, Living Locurto uses reylcced cardboard and pretty duct tape to create upcycled cardboard rings, complete with a wide variety of embellishments. And don’t worry you can also make

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