“Watercolor” Coffee Filters

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Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but it seems like time, weather and winter sicknesses have converged to make it hard to get projects done!

Yesterday my son came up with the idea to do this project. He said he read it in his ‘highlighter’ magazine, which means “Highlights High Five” for kids. I’m not sure of the directions in the original article, but he told me what to do.

You’ll Need:

A paper coffee filter
Washable markers
A paintbrush + water
Something to protect your work surface

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You basically just let your child color all over the flattened coffee filter with washable (non-permanent) markers, but not trying to make a picture or design — just colors. Here’s what we started with:


Then you let them ‘paint’ the colors with a brush dampened with water. Super easy project. The washable markers — when wet — just sort of soak into the filter and the colors all bleed together for a pretty effect. Make sure you have paper towels or a plastic cloth or something to protect your table/counter as the colors could bleed through and stain.

We put a piece of white paper underneath the coffee filter and the design ‘leaked’ through onto it for two interesting ‘watercolor’ pictures.





That’s basically all there is to it. Just a fun experiment with pretty colors. You could cut or bunch these into different shapes such as flowers. We just let ours dry and flattened it out.


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One thought on ““Watercolor” Coffee Filters

  1. I’ve actually been looking for something like this. I found a tutorial on how to make coffee filter flowers recently and was wondering if you could change the colors somehow. This is perfect! thanks 🙂

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