Bright Color Dot Magnets


Brightly colored dots (these are cut out from left over paint chips) add a pop of color to the back of wooden clothespins and make simple and fun magnets. This project is super easy and inexpensive.

You may have seen a project I did a little while back that involved circles cut out from paint chips to create a bright picture. What to do with all the leftover dots? I decided to try making a simple magnets with them.

Here’s what I used:

Circles cut from paint chips (any thick colored paper or card will do)
Flat button magnets
Glue (quick drying and strong)
Wooden clothespins


For my circles, I used a 1.5″ Circle Punch (like this), but you could simply trace a round shape and cut your circles out by hand.


How To:

Now just glue the colored circle to the magnet, and glue a clothespin smack in the middle of the circle…. pretty self explanatory.

For another type of magnet, I nixed the clothespin and made a reinforcement behind the colored dot by gluing a washer the same size (1.5″) on the back of it, then gluing my magnet behind that (see below). Just a simple flat colored dot magnet.


Have fun hanging things around with little pops of color. I really like the plain wood of the clothespins up against the bright colors. I could also imagine affixing four or five of these clips onto a piece of white or black wood for a little circle wall hook.



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