Simple Felt Coat Pin


Dress up an older coat by making this little felt ribbon and pairing it with a vintage brooch. No sewing required!

It only takes a few materials and a little bit of time to make this, and you can use it to dress up a coat, purse or scarf.


1 piece of felt
Pin (preferably round)
Hot glue
Safety pin or pin back (not shown)



1). Measure and lightly mark 1/2″ x 9″ strips on your felt. (You could experiment with fatter strips as well.)

2). Cut out five strips. Try to make straight, even lines!

3). Fold the ends of four of your strips towards the middle and use a thin line of hot glue to secure each.

4). Here’s the shape you’re going for.


5). You should have four of these bow shapes. Lay one one on top of another to form a + shape and glue it down with a small bead of glue. Glue the seam sides down, of course.

6). And then rotate and glue the next two on top of the first two to make a flower/star shape.

7). Fold the fifth strip in half to form a ribbon to hang down from the back of your bow. Trim small ‘V’ shapes into the bottom of the ribbons.

8.) Like this… and glue it carefully on the back of your bow.


Fasten a sparkly pin in the center of the bow and use a safety pin or pin back to affix the whole thing to your coat.




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