Yarn Tassels

Yarn Tassels

Today I made some super easy and bright yarn tassels out of some leftover bits of yarn. There is so much you could do with these. I made a simple garland by knotting them along a piece of twine.


Yarn – about 2 yards
A cardboard template to fold around

How To Make a Yarn Tassel:

1.) Gather materials and choose a piece of cardboard with a height as long you want the fringe on your tassel to be. Mine was about 4.5″ inches.

2.) Wrap yarn around the cardboard (try not to bend) to desired thickness. (The tassel will be the combined thickness of the yarn on front and back).

3.) Cut a piece of yarn about 4″ and thread it through the wrapped yarn near the very top of your card. Tie in a loose knot/bow. Then cut through all the wrapped yarn right where it hits the bottom of the card. Try to keep the pieces the same length.

4.) Carefully re-tie the knot/bow at the top of your yarn into a tight knot two times. This is what you should have (see #4).

5.) Smooth the yarn fringe down and make a loop with the ends of the knot pieces for the tassel to hang from.

6.) Now, cut another 3-4″ piece of yarn and tie it tightly back and forth around the fringe about an inch from the top. Trim loose ends or blend them in with the fringe.

7.) Trim ends of tassel to neaten.

8.) Make lots of colors!

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