Printable Medicine Chart

Medicine Chart

Just a quick project today because we’ve had a bit of sickness in the house… Since I’ve spent the last few days with a little person who has a cough and cold, I’ve been trying to find a better way to keep track of what medicines are given and when. If there are more than one or two doses a day, I usually write a list, but this time I’ve created a simple little chart ‘background’ to hang on the fridge that makes use of sticky notes in order to help things organized. Hopefully we won’t need it in a few days, but until then…

Medicine Chart

If you’d like to download this chart, click the image above or go HERE:

My plan was to simply use sticky notes in each square (one per day), but it’s totally open to interpretation as to how this could be organized. Sticky notes could be removed and replaced, or you could simply write in the squares and forget the stickies. Hope it proves useful for someone.

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