Painted Sticks Mobile

Painted Sticks Mobile

Here’s a small project I worked on over the weekend…painted sticks.

Inspired by these lovely painted sticks (below), I wanted to try making something similar. I decided to wire mine together to form a hanging mobile. I’m still trying to decide if I like it or if I should just pull the sticks out and throw them in the back yard!

(inspiration from here)

Mine are not nearly as well done as this example, but it was fun to try anyway. I really like the wood texture up against the bright colors.

If anyone is interested in the hanging contraption part, I simply used some “rusted” craft wire to hold several sticks together. I fastened them to a larger stick with some little eyelet picture holders, (which I painted brown).

Then, I hung it up on a light fixture and painted the sticks. (I can see now that it makes more sense to paint the sticks first, but I wasn’t sure if I would go through with it until I had it all wired together anyway.)

Anyway, it’s bright and swingy and didn’t cost me anything.

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