Felt & Magnetic Fishing Game

Felt & Magnetic Fishing Game

Here’s a classic game that’s pretty easy to make. Using magnets and metal paperclips, you can create a little fishing game quickly and inexpensively. Plus, it’s cute.

For our game we used the following items, if you want to follow my ‘recipe’.

*Note: Please keep in mind that this is an idea for a craft that worked for my family but that some of the parts may not be appropriate for all kids — especially smaller children. When making crafts or toys, please always be cautious, closely supervise children and do only what is appropriate for you and yours!

Felt & Magnetic Fishing Game

1. Felt in different colors (I used 4 colors).
2. Twine (the fishing line)
3. A long, thin stick for each player (the fishing rods)
4. Large metal paperclips
5. Button magnets
6. A paper template of your fish shape
7. Scissors
8. A Pen that will draw on felt
9. Optional – Embroidery thread and needle

Not included in the picture but may help: Hot glue and Wiggle Eyes

Felt & Magnetic Fishing Game

Assemble your fish. You can make as many or as few as you like. I made a total of 20 fish, 10 yellow, 6 orange and 4 pink, + 1 green turtle.

Print out my fish and turtle template at 100% (or make your own) and cut out the shapes. 1 & 2. Use the fish shape as a pattern to trace fish onto your felt and cut them out. 3. Slip paperclips onto each fish and glue on wiggle eyes (if you want).

Felt & Magnetic Fishing Game

To create the rods and ‘bait’ you simply need a string tied to a stick with a magnet at one end, which will stick to the little paperclips. Because little magnets can be a real danger if there are small children around who may swallow them, you can opt to sew your magnet into a little pouch instead of gluing it on.

If you want to glue your magnet onto your rod, [see above] just cut a little circle of felt and sandwich the end of your string in between the magnet and the felt and glue together.

Felt & Magnetic Fishing Game

If you want a hidden and encased (although not quite as sticky) magnet, [see above] 1. cut two circles of felt slightly larger than your magnet, and 2. use embroidery thread to whipstitch around the outside edges. 3. Pull your string through to the inside and knot securely, then slip your magnet inside. 4. Finish stitching around the edges.

Here are how all the pieces looked:

Felt & Magnetic Fishing Game

Felt & Magnetic Fishing Game

Now your kiddo can go fish! The rules of our game seemed to vary quite a bit, but basically the different colors equalled different points, for example: 5 points for pink, 2 points for orange, 1 point for each yellow.

Felt & Magnetic Fishing Game

Each player tries to catch a fish (or two) without picking up the turtle, and whoever has the most points at the end wins. If you get the turtle, you have to put all your fish back.

You and your kids can make up your own rules. This could be done lots of ways, so do what works for you.

Psst…if you like this project, please consider sharing it with others!

10 thoughts on “Felt & Magnetic Fishing Game

  1. I just love this. My 2 1/2 yr old got a game like this for his birthday that cost over $25, and he LOVES playing this one so much more. We do it with an emphasis on colors (what we are working on) & some counting. Even my 8 & 14yr olds like playing as a family. Rocks!!!!!

    • Lisa, thanks for your valid thoughts and concerns. In sharing an idea like this I wanted to take as many precautions as possible to make it safe, because I feel strongly that safety should be stressed when you make a craft or toy with your (or anyone else’s) child. I did address a workaround for the magnets, since I realize those are a definite safety concern for little ones. For some families, perhaps paperclips or wiggle eyes would would also pose a problem. Your suggestions are good ones, especially for toddlers, but perhaps not necessary for every child? I feel everyone knows their own situation best and what would be dangerous for some kids wouldn’t be for others (my son is 4 years old, and never puts his toys in his mouth). In any case, I would never want to introduce anything that would harm a child, so I, too, encourage parents to think about what would be appropriate for their kids, and by all means do what works for you. You can read more of my thoughts on this in my disclaimer under ‘Personal Responsibility’.

    • No offence but it kinda comes down to the duh factor, I mean if u saw a toutorial on a magnetic beaded chocker for a baby would u make it? I hate how PC everything has gotten. If its unsafe in ur eyes don’t do it. Comments like this make people not want to share ideas for fear of someone doing something stupid & blaming that person. Maybe she should add not to be made with lead paint or dipped in arsenic just in case *rolls eyes*

      Keep up the awesome posts as our family loves this game (& no one has died or even gone to the ER yet, amazing I know). LoL

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