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Do you have a great system for organized grocery shopping? I’ve really just begun to get more organized about shopping in the last year. One thing that’s helped me has been making a thorough list before I go — especially if I need more than just a few items… and I organize the list by section. It seems obvious, but it’s easy to overlook this step.

I’ve been wanting to make a printable grocery shopping list for a while. I’ve designed some lists for myself to use based on the way grocery stores tend to be organized, because I can’t stand having to go back to where I started in the store for something — say in produce — that I forgot because it got written down way at the end of my list.

You can download my printable shopping lists below if you’d like to try them out. These are meant to be folded or cut in half, and if you’d like to save paper you should be able to flip your printout around and print another list on the back for 2 lists per sheet of paper. (This may take a bit of experimenting on your part to get it aligned correctly!)

To download, click the images below.

Shopping list with categories (Script Version)

Printable Grocery List

Shopping list with categories (No Frills Version)

Printable Grocery List

Here’s also a simple lined page for lists with no categories, for other types of shopping, or in case my organization method is not working for you — I realize not everyone buys the same types of items I do!

Printable Shopping List (Plain)

My other tip for an organized grocery shopping trip would include making a weekly meal plan before I make my list (I show it written in the ‘other’ section of my list above). That helps my list be complete, and saves me having to go mid-week to pick up something I forgot.

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One thought on “Printable Shopping Lists

  1. I love the simplicity of this grocery list. I have learned as well that a thorough list along with meal planning makes my grocery trips more efficient and I’m not forgetting stuff. I used to always have to go back during the week. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

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