Sticker-Stencil Art

Sticker Stencil Art

What do you do when you experiment with painting something and it’s just… not working? Paint over it, of course! Or, in this case, stencil over it.

I don’t have a full tutorial for this project, because I did it a while back, but I had some small canvases lying around that I had done some ‘experimental’ painting on. Specifically, I’d read about painting over petroleum jelly to get some kind of weird texture thing going on. But the end result wasn’t really anything I’d want to keep around.

Sorry I don’t have a picture of it before, but I ended up with a smeary blue-green and white canvas with a runny peely look. Kind of neat but.. what had I been planning to do with it again? I figured I’d have nothing to lose by painting over it — to see what kind of effect I could get.

You, too can make a smeary peely canvas to stencil over, but you could simply do this with a solid colored canvas (as shown below) and a contrasting color of paint as well.

Sticker Stencil Art

For my original project I used:

A painted 8 x 10 canvas (the one I painted had a blue ‘peely’ look)
Vinyl sticker letters (similar here)
White spray paint

Basically, I came up with a phrase I didn’t think was too cheesy, and then carefully applied the sticker letters to my canvases — in place of actual stencils.

Then I just hit ’em with some white spray paint & carefully removed the stickers (which were not really sticking anyway) once it was dryish.

I thought the results were kinda neat. I guess I’ll keep it around.

Sticker Stencil Art

Sticker Stencil Art

Sticker Stencil Art

Sticker Stencil Art

I do like seeing a bit of the peely effect underneath the white paint. For a similar result, you can look up ‘painting over petroleum jelly’, and try your hand at that yourself. Perhaps in the future I’ll attempt it again for another project/post.

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