Paint Chip Circle Art

I’ve been seeing pretty examples of people turning paint chips into colorful artwork for their walls, and I have wanted to try making something like this for my son’s room, since he loves bright colors.

Paint Chip Circles Art

I decided to make my color chips into little circles, so they didn’t read so much like ‘paint chips’. It was also a good excuse to try out one of those cool little circle punches you can get in craft stores. They can be expensive but if you wait for a sale and/or a good coupon, you can get them for half of the regular price.

Here’s what I used for my little paint chip piece:

Several bright paint chips (mostly Glidden here)
A frame with white Bristol Board or paper backing
1 1/2″ Circle Punch (like this)
3D foam sticky dots

Paint Chip Circles Art

The process is pretty self explanatory. It just involves cutting out your circles and arranging them in the number/order you want them to fit your particular frame. I used only 20 circles for this, but I cut out lots more and am saving them for another project. I would recommend laying them all out and experimenting with placement beforehand to get an idea of what looks best.

Here I laid them all out on top of the glass.

Paint Chip Circles Art

Then you may want to get technical with a ruler and make some type of grid for yourself. I’m afraid I am the world’s worst at this sort of thing. Straight lines, measurements and the basic laws of the universe seem to distort when I try to make sense of them with a ruler. But what I did do was measure about an inch and a half in on all the edges and make a faint pencil mark near the 4 corners. From there, I made a light grid in pencil and put my dots on…eyeballing some of them. I then went back and erased the light lines very carefully. I used 3D foam sticky dots to give the circles a slight visual “push” out from the paper.

Paint Chip Circles Art

I really like the results — the bright circles remind me of children’s watercolor paints. And it might be fun to make another one, it looks a little lonely by itself. I can see making one in a gradient from one to two colors as well.

Paint Chip Circles Art

Paint Chip Circles Art

Project Cost Breakdown:

12″ x 16″ frame: $5.19 (on sale at Joann’s)
white Bristol Board cut to size (already had)
Paint chips
Fiskars Circle punch: $6.74 (half off sale + 25% off coupon at A.C. Moore)
3D Sticky Foam Dots: $2.24

Total cost: $14.17

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