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Makeup Expiration

I don’t buy near as much makeup as I used to, and as a stay at home mom, I don’t even wear it every day, so I don’t keep huge piles of cosmetics around. But I feel like I never remember when I bought my last, say, tube of mascara, or how long I’ve had that particular lipstick or whatever. I may still be getting use out of a product that’s been in my drawer for a while—but how old is it really? When, exactly did I open it? Does it smell weird now? Maybe…but I can’t always tell because sometimes new makeup smells weird to me. With cosmetics, I feel like it is important to ditch the old stuff (especially anything that goes by my eyes) before it gets past its prime and starts turning funky or something.

Makeup doesn’t always carry an expiration date. You can read some general recommendations for when to toss old makeup out here.

While I don’t think I have to throw out my stuff exactly to the day it might expire, I wanted a way to remember approximately what day or month I opened a particular product—because they all have different shelf lives. Here’s what I’ve decided to do: write the date I opened X item on the item itself. With a permanent pen. Now I know when I might want to go grab a new one.

Makeup Expiration

I used a sharpie on this tube of mascara, but you could use a permanent gold or silver pen or art marker to make it prettier.

Here’s an example with a fine tip gold pen, so you can write on tiny things:

Makeup Expiration

I might not do this with ALL my stuff, but I will do it with eye makeup I think. In fact, I can think of several other items around the medicine cabinet that I may do this with as well.

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