Crochet Blanket – Part I

Rainbow Crochet Blanket

Here’s a sneak look at the start of a crazy multi-color ‘rainbow’ blanket I am crocheting for my son, who loves ‘every color’. It is still summer, so it doesn’t seem like ‘crocheting’ weather, but I though I should get a head start on this… and I probably won’t have it done by winter anyway, but I’ll try.

I started crocheting in earnest last fall and have never made a whole blanket or throw yet so I hope this turns out. But it is a very simple stitch so I have high hopes. I’m delighted I even remembered how to do the stitches after leaving off from it for several months.

I have to admit I really enjoy crocheting because I can easily set it down and pick it back up (at least the simple projects I’ve done) and it is very relaxing to do while you watch tv or some other sort of passive activity. But I’ve already made a million scarves so I wanted to try something bigger.

I’ll share more progress and how-tos as I go.

Rainbow Crochet Blanket

I love looking at all the colors of yarn:

Rainbow Crochet Blanket

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