Organizing: A Treasure Bowl

As the mother of a four year old boy, I am—like many others—constantly dealing with clutter, toys and little found bits and pieces lying around the house. Leaves, rocks, shells, acorns and other natural finds are brought in from outings and walks and deposited here and there in the house. Many people would probably throw them out at the end of the day, but I am a sentimental person, and I don’t want to just throw all of his ‘finds’ out.

Of course they can’t ALL stay. I wanted to put things like these in one central location until  I could take the time to deal with them. So, for the past few months I have been keeping what I loosely term a ‘treasure bowl’. Basically I have dedicated a smallish decorative bowl to holding the more special (and small) natural things that come in… pine cones, rocks, leaves, whatever. It stays on a low shelf in the living room where we can all see it and enjoy.

Treasure Bowl

When I am straightening up, if I find a rock or small flower from the yard, I can just drop things into it… and when its getting a bit full, I can sort through it and discreetly purge the no longer recognizable items (decomposed leaves) to the compost bin and make way for the new. Really nice rocks or bits of wood are put into a secondary, more special level of treasure keeping… like a box somewhere.

I’m sure all of these tiny natural treasures’ significance will be forgotten with time, and new, more important treasures will take their place. I’m also sure my clutter ‘solution’ would constitute a problem with some, but it’s working here for now.

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