Super Easy “Mediterranean” Pasta

Here’s a quick and easy recipe that has become a favorite at our house…because it’s well, quick and easy. Also, it tastes good. It was adapted from various Mediterranean style salad recipes, but it’s become it’s own thing. If you like pasta dishes with fresh veggies this is a nice thing to try because you could probably mix in whatever you have on hand.

Here’s my recipe:

Spaghetti (I usually make a box or part of a box for about 4 adult servings)
1 medium onion
2 bell peppers (green or red)
handful of mushrooms*
1-2 small fresh tomatoes (cherry or grape tomatoes work too)
1 jar of pitted greek kalamata olives
crumbled feta cheese
handful of fresh spinach*
olive oil
lemon juice
pinch of oregano and basil (dry or fresh)
salt and pepper to taste

*some of these things I use if I have, but can do without as well

Chop onion, peppers and mushrooms into bite sized pieces and saute in oil over medium heat in frying pan. Add garlic (pressed or diced) to pan, toss in herbs and stir. Veggies should cook until starting to become a little soft and brown around the edges..If you like them crunchier, pull them off the heat sooner. Meanwhile, get pasta ready.

Right before you pull the veggies off the heat, throw a handful of fresh spinach into the pan and cover it with a lid. Turn the heat down low and let the heat and steam wilt the spinach down.

Drain your pasta well (you don’t want it watery) and chop your tomatoes and olives into bite sized pieces. Pre-sliced olives are nice but sometimes the whole olives are cheaper. Pitted olives, however, are a must for me. I don’t want to pit olives before supper.

Now toss the pasta, the veggies from the pan (oil and everything), the olives (I use as many as possible) and the tomatoes into a big serving bowl and mix it. To coat the mixture, I pour in a little more olive oil and a bit (a tablespoon or two) of lemon juice, some salt and pepper and mix well. You could whisk this mix together with some more herbs and then pour it over but I usually just do it quickly and don’t measure.

Sprinkle the pasta on your plate generously with crumbled feta.

A few little notes about this recipe:

The taste of this really depends on the strong flavor of the kalamata olives and the feta cheese. You can substitute the veggies, but I don’t think it would be anything without those two ingredients!

Also, although there are a lot of fresh veggies in this, the olives and cheese are pretty high in sodium so I don’t add too much extra salt.

We also save leftovers and reheat the next day, but its best with fresh cold tomatoes and olives on it.

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