Organizing: The Closet (Summer)

Ok, I’m secretly curious about how other people organize their closets, because maybe I could use their ideas! I probably have the tiniest little closet ever (all 45 inches wide are mine though!) I have to reorganize it seasonally so I can reach the right things. Here’s how its looking right now.

Too many shoes. But at least they have boxes and labels. It really does help. I get inexpensive clear plastic shoe boxes like these. It doesn’t really matter as long as they all match. Same for hangers. I also think organizing clothes by color helps. My sister has proudly kept her clothes organized by color for years and now I do the same. Not that you could tell from how much is crammed in here, but at least I know where brown is.

I keep blouses, tops, light sweaters etc hanging to the left, skirts on special skirt hangers to the right and dresses past that. Middle shelf holds some ‘summer sweaters’, everyday pants and shorts. Boxes on top hold wintery sweaters. Boots are put up high right now.

The shoes again. Heels and flats and sandals go in the boxes. Everyday shoes are kept out within easy reach. Labeling the shoe boxes may seem ‘excessive’ or whatever—I don’t have THAT many—but if you have to peer into a dark closet bottom, it does kind of help to glance at the word on the box and quickly see what you need. I love my Brother Labeler with AC Adapter (no batteries required!).

Here’s our room with a view of my ‘dresser’, a Goodwill find that I like because it adds a bit of height in the room and holds, well, enough.

Boxes on top hold winter scarves and hats, summer scarves and swimwear. Big basket holds a few more sweaters and mending pile.

Funny top sliding drawer holds belts and my ‘receipts’ box, middle shelves hold jeans and pants, and perfume and lotion go in the center shelf. Drawers below hold socks, unmentionables, tanks, tees and jammies.

My receipt box holds purchase receipts until I go through and purge.

Still more scarves.

There you have it. For now.

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